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Flooring Repair Near Edwardsville, IL

Restore Your Home with Flooring Repair Services from the Experts

From concept to creation

There might be many things that need to be fixed around your home. Perhaps your flooring was damaged, and you need to find flooring repair services to fix it. Maybe your pipes are leaking, and so you’ve been looking for plumbing repairs. It could be that your lighting hasn’t been working properly, and you’ve been looking for repair services to address the issue. No matter the issue, Pete’s Remodeling and Repair can help. We proudly serve Edwardsville, IL, and the surrounding areas, going above and beyond to make sure you get excellent service.

We Can Provide Plumbing Repairs, Drywall Repair, and More

From plumbing repairs to lighting repair, and everything in between, we strive to be your only point of contact for all of your home repair needs. You can rely on our seasoned experts to handle your repairs professionally from start to finish. At Pete’s Remodeling and Repair, we can help fix all sorts of issues around your home, including:


  • Fixing damaged drywall.
  • Replacing broken tile.
  • Repairing broken light fixtures.
  • Providing plumbing change-outs.
  • Restoring damaged flooring.

Get Lighting Repair and More Near Edwardsville, IL, and the Surrounding Areas

Whether you need flooring repair, drywall repair, or something else, we can help. Call us today at (618) 606-7853 if you live near:


  • Collinsville, IL 
  • Granite City, IL 
  • Edwardsville, IL 
  • O’Fallon, IL 
  • Belleville, IL 
  • Fairview, IL 
  • Troy, IL 
  • Highland, IL

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From concept to creation

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