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Bathroom Remodeling

Update Your Bathroom with Help from a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

From concept to creation

Does your bathroom feel too cramped? Do you have too little storage space? Is your tub, shower, or toilet out of date? Just want to improve the general look and function of an old bathroom? Then it’s time to get bathroom remodeling services from an expert contractor! Pete’s Remodeling and Repair is a bathroom remodeling company near Granite City, IL and the surrounding areas. We’re ready to help you get a bathroom that you’ll love.

Let Our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Help You Transform Your Bathroom

Nobody likes dealing with a cramped, out-of-date, or run-down bathroom. It can be frustrating enough to deal with when you’re the only one in the home; if you have a family, then a small, inconvenient bathroom can quickly lead to arguments and frustration. These issues can escalate if you have guests, leading to a lot of unnecessary stress.


You shouldn’t have to dread going into your bathroom; in fact, when properly designed, a bathroom can act as a sort of oasis where you can relax and shed the stressors of the day. That’s where Pete’s Remodeling and Repair can help. We want to help you transform your bathroom and turn it into something you’ll truly love. This means that we will take the time to discuss your bathroom renovation project with you, and will assist with a wide range of potential improvements. When you work with a bathroom remodeling contractor from our company, we can:


  • Help you maximize the space of a small bathroom.
  • Install a new tub, sink, shower, or toilet.
  • Provide you with new flooring work.
  • Paint your bathroom or redo the wallpaper.
  • Install more storage space, such as a new bathroom cabinet.
  • Make an easy and efficient tile installation.
  • +More

We have the skill and experience necessary to handle your bathroom renovation from start to finish, no matter how extensive.

You Can Get the Best Bathroom Remodeling Services Near Granite City, IL and the Surrounding Areas

At Pete’s Remodeling and Repair, we understand just how important getting a good remodel is. That’s why we always go above and beyond for our clients; with our help, you’re guaranteed to get amazing end results. Trust us when you need service near:


  • Collinsville, IL 
  • Granite City, IL 
  • Edwardsville, IL 
  • O’Fallon, IL 
  • Belleville, IL 
  • Fairview, IL 
  • Troy, IL 
  • Highland, IL

Work with bathroom remodeling contractors you can trust. Call us today in order to get your free estimate! We’re ready to help you really fall in love with your bathroom.

From concept to creation

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